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O’s Send Down Pitchers

Posted by Mike on March 11, 2006

The Orioles have sent Orber Moreno, John Parrish, and Ryan Keefer down to the minors. 

Entering his age 28 season, John Parrish has alternately tantalized fans with his potential and frustrated them with his inability to put the whole package together.  His brief 2005 MLB season (before being sent to AA Bowie to harness his control) is a testament to this.

  IP      H      R     ER  HR  BB   SO  HBP  WP  ERA

17.3    19     6      6    1    17    25    0     6    3.12

The ERA looks nice and a K/9 rate of 13 is outstanding… unless you walk a batter an inning and throw three wild pitches per 9 innings pitched.  Coming off of elbow ligament replacement surgery, Parrish will likely spend the season rehabbing in the minors.  For most pitchers, stuff comes back before command when they undergo TJ.  With Parrish, I don’t know how we’re supposed to tell. 

Orber Moreno has been one of my favorite pick-ups of the off-season.  I’d love to see a scouting report on this guy because something has to be limiting him to NRI’s.  Of course, someone who follows Venezuelan ball pretty closely once told me Moreno has his own table in his winter league team’s training room.  That certainly helps explain why a man with the following career minor league stats, entering his age 28 season, has still not found a home.

  IP        H       R     ER    HR    BB     SO    WP    ERA

470.0   389   196   163    9     145    486     9     3.12

His only real crack at the big leagues was met with similar success.  Here are Moreno’s numbers with the Mets in 2004.

  IP        H       R     ER    HR    BB     SO    WP    ERA

34.2     29      17    13     0      11     29      2      3.37

He’s clearly an extreme ground ball pitcher with the ability to miss bats.  Although, it could just be that the Orioles feel Moreno needs to shake off some rust after missing 2005 to injuries.  Let’s hope he stays healthy in Ottawa.  He looks like a keeper.

Ryan Keefer has developed into a pretty decent relief prospect since being drafted in the 13th round in 2000; so much so that he has been added to the 40 man roster.  Entering his age 24 season, Keefer was switched to relief two seasons ago and had a dominant season in AA Bowie last year.  He kept his K/BB ratio at around 3:1 and his K/9 rate around 10.  However, I see no problem with letting him get a full season in at Ottawa.  A September cup of coffee seems reasonable.

  • I’ve made two changes to the website worth noting.  One is the nifty 40 man roster page (in case you paid no heed to the link above).  It was a bit of a pain in the ass to make but now that it’s up, I should be able to maintain it with relative ease.  From here on out, I will only link a player’s name to their Baseball Cube page if they are not listed there.  The other change is that I now have a Feedburner site feed, a WordPress site feed, and a WordPress comments feed.  I’m not sure what the difference between the two feed providers are, but now there is an option for those of you having trouble with one of them.  Should you have trouble with both providers, please email me or leave a comment and I will be happy to bitch at them about their services (that I don’t pay a dime for).


  • Addendum: Playing poker on the internet at 4 in the morning has its advantages.  Specifically, I just sat at a table with Billy Ripken.  Among the things we talked about: how my grandmother used to call my childhood mullet the Billy Ripken, and that time he ran into Randy Milligan chasing a pop-up and sent the 230+ lb. Moose to the DL.  Probably the first time I’ve ever chatted in a poker room text box and I wasn’t bitching about some idiot bluffing a dry side pot.

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Pardon the Interruption

Posted by Mike on March 10, 2006

Actually, pardon the title of this entry.  Despite my unabated love of Stat Boy, I hate that show.  Combining Bill Plaschke and Jay Marriotti into one show is enough to make one’s ears bleed.

I wanted to apologize for those of you who have tried to get to the site and had problems over the last day or so.  In my efforts to make the site somewhat presentable, I have accidentally/intentionally deleted/restored/forwarded/masked/transferred all sorts of things.  My hope was to actually get the content up on the domain that I paid for but I can’t exactly figure it all out.  Basically, I do web design like my friend Joe rides a bike- that is to say, poorly.  For now, this is the new layout.  Enjoy.

Also, those of you that were subscribed to the old site will have to re-subscribe.  You can click on the link on the side-bar.  Let me know if you have any problems with it and I’ll do what I can to help (read: make it worse).  Some of the older formatting didn’t import particularly well, but I’ll try to weed that out over the next couple of days.

And please, let me know what you think of the new layout.


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Posted by Mike on January 27, 2006

I’m quite flattered that a few of you have requested I put Orioles Think Tank into syndication. Apparently this means that those of you with news readers will be able to more easily keep tabs on when I update the site. So, that new orange and white button next to my website counter should take you to where you need to go. I’m still a little confused about the whole atom vs. RSS thing, but FeedBurner has a new service that is supposed to make one link universally accessible to different types of news readers.

A special thanks to reader Zachary, without whom I would have been even more lost in a sea of acronyms. And if any of you are able to utilize this new service, I’d really appreciate hearing whether or not you are having any problems with it (and if you are having problems, I am open to suggestions). As always, I can be reached at Mike@OriolesThinkTank.com

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