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40 man roster

Clicking on any player’s first name will take you to their Baseball Reference page, while clicking on their last name will take you to their Baseball Cube page.  I’ve included both because each have different strengths.  Baseball Reference allows you to look at cool stats like OPS+, RC/27, and RF; how many times a player appeared among the league leaders in different categories; and similar players.  Baseball Cube’s advantage is that it includes full minor league stats and draft position.  In the event that a player has never played in the major leagues, only their Baseball Cube page will be linked. 

Players are listed by where they played most often in 2005.  All links open in a new window.


Erik Bedard

Kris Benson

Tim Byrdak

Daniel Cabrera

Bruce Chen

Eric DuBose

Brian Finch

Franklyn Gracesqui

LaTroy Hawkins

James Johnson

Ryan Keefer

Adam Loewen

Rodrigo Lopez

John Parrish

Hayden Penn

Aaron Rakers

Chris Ray

Sendy Rleal

Marino Salas

Todd Williams


Geronimo Gil

Ramon Hernandez

Javy Lopez

Eli Whiteside


Jeff Conine

Brandon Fahey

Chris Gomez

Kevin Millar

Melvin Mora

Brian Roberts

Miguel Tejada


Jeff Fiorentino

Jay Gibbons

Val Majewski

Nick Markakis

Luis Matos

David Newhan

Corey Patterson


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