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Posted by Mike on May 13, 2006

  • Injuries Abound

Will Carroll had this to say in his latest UTK column:

The Orioles are overworking Richie Bancells and his staff. Melvin Mora is the latest to spend time in the training room with a lower back strain that sources tell me is muscular. “He’s tied up in knots,” the source whispered. Mora’s problem–in combination with other injuries–has the O’s in such despair that Jeff Conine may be forced back to 3B.

It strikes me that during tonight's telecast, MASN's Sights and Sounds of the Ballgame focused on Mora dancing during batting practice along with Rick Dempsey.  Pure speculation, but I'm left wondering if Carroll's source wasn't exaggerating a bit.  If Melvin did go down, I wonder if the O's would make room for Fernando Tatis or Andy Tracy.  Both are bopping a bit in Ottawa and can handle 3B (better than Conine, anyway).

Later in the article, Carroll has this to say:

Brian Roberts was unable to run on Wednesday. His return from the DL is going to be later than expected

  • Not Everyone Likes Me

That headline may seem hard to believe, but it's true.  A new and very well-written O's blog, Roar From 34, dismissed OTT as a member of the "blogosphere's zombie statisticians".  I sense a rivalry brewing. 

  • Minor League Splits

This is one of the coolest things I've come across in some time.  Brew Crew Ball has made available some pretty extensive minor league splits. 

Wondering who could help out the O's in their struggles against lefties? 

                  BA/OBP/SLG vs. LHP

Ed Rogers– .417/.440/.542  Maybe he has more use than I give him credit for.

Fernando Tatis– .310/.429/.379  All the more reason to give him a spin if Mora goes down.

Some more interesting tidbits on select prospects:

Hayden Penn has shut down opposing righthanders to the tune of .053/.053/.053

Jeff Fiorentino has struggled against fellow lefties (.105/.217/.158), but has done better against righties (.220/.315/.520).  Both figures have been held down by a ridiculously low .170 BABIP (ie he's doing better than his batting line suggests).

Marino Salas has the makings of a ROOGY.  Both HR's he's allowed have been to lefties, which explains why LHP have a higher OPS against hime (.741 vs. .493)

Nolan Reimold is a stud, but he still has some work to do against lefties (.231/.375/.385)

Freddy Deza has a pretty strong reverse platoon split, holding lefties to .105/.190/.105

Brandon Snyder has struck out in 10 out of 19 trips to the plate against lefties. 

Brandon Erbe's ERA is at 2.48.  That might come down as his BABIP comes down from .351

Go ahead and take a peek.  There's tons of information in there.  Let me know if you spot anything good.


7 Responses to “Notes”

  1. Brian said

    Pretty small sample sizes to be making such sweeping generalization, no?

  2. Mike said

    Fair enough.  In my defense, I didn't mean for them to be so sweeping.

  3. Nate said

    Because of the debacle that is the Orioles at the moment, I have absolutely no comment about them. What I would like to do is stauncly promote an intense war of words between OTT and Roar from 34. Have a look at this reference to sites such as OTT:

    “This realm is not populated by gentle fans that want to express their love of a sport and share fond memories of great wins and seasons long since past. No, this is a place inhabited by zombie statisticians who tear each game apart inning-by-inning with pitbull-like tenacity. No player is too obscure to be analyzed. No statistic is too meaningless to track.”


    While the blog was a reaction to group of Stat oriented sites as a whole, the biggest slap in the face easily came at the expense of OTT. The hypothetical “shiver” that the guy throws in when referring to OTT as one of a few sites he will pretend don’t exist, can only mean this (speaking from their perspective)

    “Mike, I challenge you sir.. to an all out battle of the blogs. Zombie statistician vs. jerky guys that post party pictures of Sidney Ponson and actually spent time filling readers in on the whereabouts of Ryan Minor.”

    Mr. Mike- If I do not have an update on the playing status of Tim Raines Jr. and Eugene Kingsale in the very near future, I’m afraid you will have lost a reader. And I’m sure everyone else won’t be far behind.

    Let the rivalry begin!

  4. bradley said

    yeah, i just don’t even understand what in the hell that kid is talking about. i mean, so he hates crunching numbers AND developing effective arguments?

  5. Bob said

    Are you under the belief that “clutch” plays no part in baseball??

  6. bradley said

    who? me? clutch is fun stuff for bar talk. so are intangibles…but even to the extent that dudes have tried to quantify clutch hitting numerically, i dunno, it’s sort of a fool’s errand, i think.

    that being said, spending millions of dollars on a dude b/c he as perceived as being clutch or having intangible qualities is pure silliness.

  7. Mike said

    Well said, Bradley. Clutch may exist, I really don’t know. If you can quantify it for me, I’d be happy to include it in my analysis. Otherwise, I’m going to keep assuming that anyone with the true ability to hit .400 with RISP would also have the ability to hit .400 without men on base.

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