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Posted by Mike on April 10, 2006

Let's catch up on some various O's-related news…

No big deal here.  Frankly, I was surprised that Halama didn't make the club out of spring training, but I expected it would more likely be at the expense of Nick Markakis' eagerly awaited debut.  That Dubose was designated for assignment so quickly after one (admittedly ugly) appearance shows just how little faith the O's brass had in him.  Let's hope he doesn't knock back a few on his way out of town.

Halama will serve as the long man in the pen and had a very solid debut yesterday: 2.3 ip, 1 H, 1 K, 1 BB, 0 R

I have a lot of conflicting feelings about this move.  I like Mora, always have.  It's tough not to.  That said, I would much prefer a two year extension for $18 million than a 3 year deal for $24 million.  His comparables suggest that he is unlikely to be effective into his age 37 season.  There is still a chance that he will be re-signed during the season.

There has already been some speculation that Mora would embrace the Phillies organization since they are close to his home in Baltimore, are competitive, and have a hole at 3B.  Should I be inclined to give the Orioles enough credit to think they would actually deal him mid-season rather than lose him to free agency, the Phillies don't have much to offer.  Outside of Cole Hamels, they have little in the ways of minor league talent.  And it would likely take another injury to the promising hurler for getting Hamels in return to become a viable option. 

On another note, this "negotiation" smacks of the same organizational ineffectiveness that has plagued the Orioles for close to a decade.  Reports are that Mora came down from 3/$30 to 3/$27, while the Orioles would not budge from their initial offer of 3/$24.  I think it's pretty clear by now that I would not give Mora any three year deal.  If I were so inclined, though, I would certainly make it a point to avoid offending the man who has given more hope to O's fans over the past three years than any other player while simultaneously sending yet another signal to the baseball world that the Orioles are not serious players.  Seriously, $3 million over 3 years?  C'mon now, Corey Patterson is making that in 2006 alone.

A week ago, I made a prediction:

The company line has been that Chavez is a defensive upgrade on Gil, but I'd wager that the most significant part of this shit swap is that I will have to upgrade my 40-man roster page; both in the coming days and again when the O's release him in the next few weeks. 

It looks like I gave Chavez too much credit when I pluralized that last word.

Cory Morris, on the other hand, could be useful to the parent club.  He had largely mixed results ascending through the minors before breaking out in a big way for Bowie last year.  According to Deric McKamey, he's an intelligent pitcher, setting up hitters and working with a deceptive delivery.  Despite being a starter, one of his biggest flaws has been his inability to extend past the 5th inning.  Perhaps a switch to the pen was inevitable.  A successful transition would certainly make things easier on the O's depleted bullpen.


6 Responses to “2-4”

  1. pauls said

    Gio Gonzalez and Michael Bourn would be formidable pick ups out of the Phillies’ farm system as well. Sure not great, but again, if the option is losing out to FA and getting something, then these aren’t awful consolation prizes.

  2. Mike said

    Good point, I had completely forgotten about the Thome trade.

  3. Sam said

    Have you heard anything about Austin Kearns being back on the trading block? People may disagree, but i’d go as far as to say i’d give up Hayden Penn for Kearns straight up. I feel that Kearns is much more likely to become an all-star caliber player.

  4. Mike said

    I’d do that deal in a second. Although, I’m not sure if the Reds would. They turned down the Indians’ offer of Westbrook for Kearns over the winter.

    I found this:


    Doesn’t really say much, except that he may be on the block.

  5. bradley said

    don’t necessarily know about kearns for penn straight up, penn is still really young and has a lot of upside. i wouldn’t be suprised to maybe him and loewen w/ the big club by the end of the year. maybe one at the trade deadline when chen or rodrigo lopez is dealt.

    anyone know why morris was brought up and sent down and britton brought up? does morris start in the minors?

  6. Mike said

    Morris started last year for Bowie but his role in the bigs is as a reliever. Frankly, I have no idea why they handled morris and Britton this way.

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