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Remembering Elrod

Posted by Mike on April 5, 2006

This will be a brief post, as I'm getting ready to go to the ballpark for my first game of the season.  I should get something else up late tonight.

In the meantime, I urge you to take 10 seconds to fill in your name and email address to electronically sign this petition that a friend sent me.  The petition is in support of retiring Elrod Hendricks' number.  It includes an informative synopsis of his career, life, and many contributions to Baltimore and the Orioles that is worth a read even on its own. 

Hendricks was one of those few players whose personal merits exceeded his talents and this is as good of a way to show your support as I can think of. 

Here is the link again.

The goal is 5000 signatures, which is very reachable.  The Orioles should be smart enough to honor the people that gave the most to them. 

I don't often address non-stategery related issues in this space, but this is one cause I have no problem urging you to participate in.

Some Elrod-related Reading

If you haven't yet, sign the petition.


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