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Posted by Mike on March 18, 2006

  • A friend of OTT, John Kazlo, dropped me a note after checking out Padres camp:

I saw Big Walter last night in Peoria.  He came in to play in the 8th inning for Ryan Klesko.  Apparently, he has been Kleskos relief just about every game.  Not sure what this means for his chances to stick with the big club, but at least he is getting some playing time.   The Padres also have Jack Cust this year, he was on the bench but did not get into the game.   Big Walter has not lost any weight…..he still casts the largest shadow!   The big news I am hearing here is that there is a push to build a new stadium in Glendale so that two teams can be lured from FL for spring training.  One of the teams every one is talking about being lured here is the Orioles.  Even the mainstream press is reporting this.

          Thanks John, and be sure and check out some of his reports at Minor League Watch.

  • Here’s another entry into the long series of [insert name of prima donna ballplayer] being [insert name of prima donna ballplayer] articles.  Having read the entire thing, I’m still not sure what all the commotion is about.  Apparently Boston media types are as good at latching onto nothing and making a story out of it as they are at sticking within tightly regimented article-naming formulae.


  • Let’s see if you can follow this chronology:
  1. Will Carroll says Mark Prior is hurt.
  2. Hendry, Baker, Prior and co. say it ain’t so.
  3. The Chicago media collectively uses this incident to distance themselves from internet media. 
  4. Mark Prior gets hurt.
  5. Now, the latest entry- Mark Prior discounts the possibility that anyone could have possibly scooped his injury.


  • Bud Selig has apparently launched an official investigation against Barry Bonds.  Stop reading here if you hate spoilers, but here is how this turns out: Selig can’t prove anything, but everyone still knows that Bonds cheated.  Some people care, some don’t.  Around the Horn continues to get on my nerves.


  • The Marlins are reportedly interested in Desi Relaford, an Orioles NRI.  No word on what the fish might be offering for the man that actually managed to post a .627 OPS in Coors Field last year.


  • Another trade scenario has popped up involving Luis Matos- this time for Tony Graffanino.  The article paints Matos as a lefty-masher that could serve as a 4th OF/platoon partner for Trot Nixon.  There are two things that are very wrong with this analysis.  First, WBC hero Adam Stern is at least as good as Matos.  Second, the basis of calling Matos a lefty-masher is the .834 OPS he posted against them in 118 AB’s last year.  In 2004, he posted a .410 OPS against lefties.  In 2003- .697 (and he was actually good that year).  My point?  Let’s not get all giggly over 118 AB’s.  Before last year, Matos was known for his inability to hit lefties. 


  • David Newhan is making a strong push for a spot on this year’s roster.  Apparently, so are Desi Relaford and Ed Rogers.  I would imagine that no one is rooting for Relaford and Rogers more than Newhan, as they are among the few in camp that make him look like a bona fide major leaguer.   



9 Responses to “Around the MLB”

  1. Eddie said

    Cabrera is awesome. I wonder if he threw changeups that night against Venezuela. The most impressive to me was how he was painting the black with low-outside 98 mph heaters. Truly unhittable that night.

    First true Ace since Mike Mussina? Interesting since Cabrera might be as different a pitcher as you could get. Moose was a medium build thinking man’s pitcher from the Ivy League with a lot of pitches including a good mid-90s FB and a great slow knuckle curve all thrown with good control. He seemed to bamboozle hitters and got a lot of confused looks when he was on. Cabrera is thick NBA-esque 6’7″ (reports are that he grew to 6’9!?) Dominican fireballer who is developing an intimidating mean stare, a spectacularly effortless 98-100 mph FB, power curve that gets mistaken for sliders or splitters due to it’s speed, and a changeup in progress. When Daniel is on, you get batters swing weakly way ahead, caught looking, or generally looking feeble. Both different styles but I can’t remember the last time the Os ever had a pitcher quite like that before. It should make every Os fan excited to see what lies in store for the team! Daniel could be a very special pitcher!

  2. Mike said

    Good point, Eddie. I didn’t even think about how different they were when I lumped them together. Can you imagine Mussina’s head with Cabrera’s right arm?

  3. hagersbush said

    Cabrera will be special & better than

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