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Ask Nate @ Spring Training

Posted by Mike on March 16, 2006

My buddy Nate is taking in some Spring Training games and left the following passage in the comments section.  I thought I’d clean it up a bit and post it again in case anyone had any specific questions for him.  Nate is not a scout or anything but he has played ball the majority of his life.  He’s an avid fan and I’m sure he has plenty of insight to offer; having watched several players in person.  Feel free to post questions to him in the comments section.


Nothing too exciting to report from Ft. Lauderdale stadium this week. A 3-2 win over the mets sunday which I’m sorry to say I left with 2 outs remaining in the ninth, down 2-1 with David Newhan up… and somehow we came back to win.

Today, however, Kris Benson looked in control on the hill and seemed to be spotting his fastball in tune with what Leo Mazzone was looking for. Melvin Mora went yard and Desi Relaford made an error. Other than that, not a whole lot to speak of.

The tone of the spring down here (as I was able to speak to about 3 O’s fans in the midst of 3,000 Sox fans) is that Nick Markakis has gained quite a bit of popularity. And, I must admit, I am sold. He carries himself with a big league demeanor and I personally wonder what the harm would be in letting him take Patterson’s spot.

Unfortunately, Val Majewski was only in the game for one inning out of the 2 games I was here and I was unable to see him do anything really. If I were to say two things for sure after my trip to Lauderdale they would be this: Nick Markakis is our top prospect in the field for a reason, and who in the fuck decided to invite Ricky Bottalico to spring training?

Also Eric DuBose had some pretty good stuff on Sunday and, in my opinion, would be a welcome southpaw in our bullpen- especially since Grasesqui has apparently failed to hit the numbers on the gun that he was supposed to.

To sum up… nothing too eventful to speak of out of these two games… I also have been drinking the whole time I’ve been here and thus may not have been as thorough in my report as some would like.  

Yours truly,

OTT correspondant Nate Barker

P.S. The lopsidedness of Red Sox fans to O’s fans definitely held true even in Spring Training… needless to say there were several shouting matches… disgusting.


3 Responses to “Ask Nate @ Spring Training”

  1. Dave said

    Hey Nate. How does Markakis look in the OF. Mike mentioned you saw him play in CF. Also, how does Patterson look?

    Have you had a chance to see any Orioles players joking around with each other? Thanks

  2. Nate said

    What’s up Dave,

    I actually made it a point to check out Nick’s skills in the OF, having heard some reports that he was getting some bad jumps earlier this spring. However, having played outfield I attribute these difficulties in judgement to him having to play all three positions. Bad reads are far more common in left and right due to spin, thus he still seemed to be adjusting himself at least a little bit when i saw him in left. On the other hand, he looked much more at home in center and made a spectacular diving play in wednesday’s game. While I don’t think he is the centerfielder that Patterson is, I do think he just needs a little more time to get accustomed to the corners. I played center the majority of my career and had to switch to left as a junior and can definitely attest to the adjustment. As for Patterson, there was never any question, at least to me, that he is an above average centerfielder. He is very quick, make up a lot of ground, and has a decent arm. Thus, my overall opinion of him was pretty much as expected, this includes the fact that he was still swinging at everything… especially balls in the dirt. As for players getting along, the atmosphere was pretty loose, with Millar hamming it up as expected. To be honest, most of the buzz down there was about Markakis, so I think it is going to be very interesting to see how his situation pans out come April 1st.

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