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Matos Re-signed

Posted by Mike on February 6, 2006

  • Luis Matos has been re-signed for $1.6 million. I certainly don’t mind keeping him around. Sure- he’s nothing more than a fourth outfielder, but he provides some nice insurance against Corey Patterson’s amazing ability to make an out over 70% of the time. Plus, he should provide solid defense and speed off the bench- two skills that the Orioles are not deep in. I also like that he provides a little more protection against having to bring up Markakis or Majewski before they are ready.
  • Javy Lopez has gone the way of Miguel “Bitchfest 2005” Tejada and rescinded his trade demand after meeting with the Orioles brass. Now, I would never imply that what Javy did was as classless or counterproductive as Miggy’s antics. Javy wanted to retain full value in his walk year by being a full-time catcher and was willing to talk extension first- two important distinctions. But, I do wish the O’s would move him for some younger talent that has a chance to help the club into 2007 and beyond. As a catcher, he has an above-average stick and below-average defense. As a first baseman, he’ll have a below-average stick and, likely, below-average defense. He simply makes too many outs. So why not move him to a club that could utilize him as a catcher (ahem, Dodgers) and look to get a younger, better hitting 1B type (ahem, Choi) in return?
  • Spencer Fordin appears to be the new Orioles beat writer over at MLB.com. I don’t think I’ve ever been too impressed with the quality of a lot of their writers, but I’ll give Fordin the benefit of the doubt for now. In his latest mailbag, he argued that the Benson deal was beneficial if for no other reason than it will allow Hayden Penn time to develop in AAA. He’s seriously the only other person I’ve seen make that point. On the other hand, he gets himself into trouble using the terms closer and relief ace interchangeably. Maybe he thinks Flanagan is progressive enough to use Chris Ray as a modern-day Goose Gossage. Maybe not.
  • Ramon Hernandez hit for the cycle and drove in five runs to lead the Caracas Lions (Venezuela) over Mazatlan (Mexico) in the Carribean World Series. The article also mentions that Miguel Tejada drove in a pair over in Maracay.
  • Everyone’s favorite minor league aficionado, John Sickels, had a nice blurb up about Daniel Cabrera over at his blog. Like everyone else on the planet, Sickels identifies Cabrera as a prime candidate for a breakout season in 2006. Both his K rate and GB:FB ratio put him in some elite company. Now if he could only cut down on those pesky free passes.
  • Well, it’s annual season, and I’ve already dropped a few Benjamins buying every prospect book/organizational review I can get my hands on. As I get deeper into some of them, I’ll post some recommendations. For now, I’ll point out that Sickels’ book is always a keeper. Another that I’ve come across, that some of you may be less familiar with, is Deric McKamey’s Minor League Baseball Analyst. If for no other reason, buy this book just to read about his methodologies. His credentials aren’t too shabby either.

6 Responses to “Matos Re-signed”

  1. mazzOne said

    I heard that Daniel Cabrera actually identified John Sickels as a breakout baseball writer candidate. How ironic.

  2. Anonymous said

    Matos is our best bet in CF. Looking at the projections you posted for Markakis and how poorly patterson did last year, I’d say stick with Matos until the kids are ready.

  3. World's Fastest Indian said

    In my mind Matos and Patterson will be virtually interchangeable in CF. They are two guys who are risks for injury, so between the two of them they should be able to combine to tow the line for a full season while these young cats keep developing. If it helps you, refer to the seinfeld episode where george and jerry team up to equal one normal man by each only acting as half a man. If either of these guys has a good season I will be surprised, though I give the edge to Patterson because Matos is a lazy bitch. If it helps you, refer to Hispanic stereotypes for that one. One final note, I have been hearing rumors that there is an overhaul in the works for the Baltimore District Court system. Apparently, there will be a new zero tolerance policy for minorities who appear for alcohol related charges. This change can be attributed to the appointment of the honorable judge T-Weaponz who was recently called on to head up the district court. So anyone that has a case say Feb. 10th, be prepared to lose your shirt and your dignity at the hands of the Baltimore penal system.

  4. Eddie said

    …BTW, Sickels has graded the Os top 20 prospects on his blog…just thought folks would like to take a peek…

  5. hagersbush said

    All I ever read is trade rumors for
    Matos for a reliever,I think it will
    be a mistake for luis matos to be traded.

  6. rtryurhs5 said

    Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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