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C-Pat on C-Pat and more

Posted by Mike on January 12, 2006

  • “‘I’m a guy who can get on base, and if I can steal bases and get into scoring position, that would really help the team,’ [Corey] Patterson said.” –Source: Yahoo News

Every time I read that quote, I find something else wrong with it.

“Prospect Debate for this evening and Thursday: Mets outfielder Lastings Milledge vs. Orioles outfielder Nick Markakis. Who would you rather have?
In terms of situation, look at it like an expansion draft thing: you are starting a new franchise and can pick one of these guys, but not both.”

Markakis garnered 36% of the 330 votes cast.

  • Sickels also replied to a question I posed to him about Nolan Reimold. He stated that although Reimold was left off his top 50 hitters list, he would have come in at #51.
  • Apparently, a Bobby Abreu for Erik Bedard swap is all but dead. In terms of value, there are few players as underrated as Bobby Abreu has been in his career (maybe Brian Giles). I still have trouble figuring out where this fits into any plans the O’s brass might have been concocting. Perhaps they realized that trading cheap young pitching for expensive and aging offense is not the best move for a team unlikely to contend in the short-term. Though, Abreu is the type to age well.
  • In other hot stove talk, the Orioles have apparently reached an agreement with Kevin Millar. For $2.1 million plus incentives, they could do a lot worse. Millar should provide a solid OBP off the bench and is still a good platoon option. Think of it this way, he could mean the difference between fourth and fifth place. But this likely means more Ottawa seasoning for everyone’s favorite Mark Henry look-a-like, Walter Young. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


The DVD with “Behind the scenes footage” and Commentary from the Actors. Now this is Comedy Centrals FIRST DVD with Commentary from the Actors. Will on the market, as Bobcat said, “At The End Of Febuary.”

So that is what I’m looking forward too. The Release of The DVD at the end of Febuary.



It’s interesting that, in Perry’s mind, Bobcat Goldthwait capitalizes the first letter of every word he says.



4 Responses to “C-Pat on C-Pat and more”

  1. O's Fan since 2008 said

    What makes Abreu the type to age well?

  2. Mike said

    He has a well rounded set of offensive skills (contact, power, speed). So, he is less likely than someone overly dependent on one of those to suddenly drop off a cliff. He was also very good at a young age, which is a good indicator of being able to maintain effectiveness longer.

    It is also often said that fast players age better because after they lose a step, they are still average speed.

  3. Anonymous said

    Why designate Walter Young for assignment in order to have two 30 somethings split first base. I mean, we’re not going anywhere anyway. Although, i’d personally like to “reach an agreement” with Kevin Millar. He has the softest lips.

  4. Mike said

    I think the soft lips are a result of some useful tips Jai gave him on Queer Eye.

    Beyond that, I really don’t see why they had to re-sign Gil for half a mill. That was, after all, the reason for not designating him for assignment instead of Young. It’s not like if a situation arose where we did trade Javy, there aren’t dozens of other replacement level backstops to fill the void as well as Gil. I’m sure even Eli Whiteside or Ryan Hubele could hit .200 in the show as well as he does.

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