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Miggy Being Miggy

Posted by Mike on January 9, 2006

Yes, I hate the fact that the best player on the Orioles is now directly comparable to that drama queen up north as much as you do. But, Miguel Tejada’s trade demand, and subsequent rescindment, has done more harm to the Baltimore Orioles than anything Manny Ramirez has ever done to the Boston Red Sox. After all, free agents are still going to be willing to play in Beantown.

Jim Duquette is now taking the position that the O’s have no intention of dealing Tejada, even calling the teams with which he has had substantial trade conversations and notifying them. Personally, after the shock and most of the disappointment had worn off, I was excited by the possibility that the Orioles could turn this into a positive situation.

My contention has always been that the O’s are probably two years away from contending and that efforts to compete in 2006 or even 2007 would only serve to push that date back. We are simply too many players away. Now, if the front office shared this view (they don’t), along comes a PR dream– The most valued property on the team demands a trade. Here is a guy that we could probably get three blue chip prospects for. Certainly, by 2008 we would be a better team having gone through with such a trade than not. And now the O’s had the opportunity to do so without a huge media backlash.

Of course the Orioles saw this as an opportunity to look for the best star for star swap they could find, essentially trying to tread water and not significantly change the outlook of the franchise for 2006 or 2008. Now that Miguel Tejada has recanted, it looks like the front office probably won’t deal him at all.

Looking at this with my strategy in mind, recent events may have actually helped the cause. I think it is quite likely that in the middle of July, the O’s will be looking up at at least three teams in their division. If they suddenly get the bright (and right) idea to cut bait on Miguel Tejada at the trading deadline, teams will only be willing to overpay further for his services. Not only that, but no one competing for a playoff spot (and therefore interested in Miguel Tejada at the trading deadline), will be willing to trade their own superstars. So, in a perfect world, I might get exactly what I was looking for all along– Miguel Tejada traded for some blue chip prospects.

I understand how many fans are hesitant to build for the future yet again. The O’s have been fielding terrible teams for the better part of a decade. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, it is further away than most want to realize. Riding out the contracts on older players, signing aging free agents (Thank you Jeromy Burnitz’s agent), and trying to force the issue in 2006 will only dim our hopes for 2008.


2 Responses to “Miggy Being Miggy”

  1. Dan Dougherty said

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but I’m afraid that this site is ill-conceived, grossly mis-informed, and most of all obviously poorly researched.You are clearly a person who gets the recommended8 hours of sleep nightly and thus are not qualified to undertake a site that surely requires long, caffeine/
    nicotine fueled, sleepless nights af maniacal baseball research.

  2. Mike said

    This was clearly not written by Dougherty. Not unless he finally got that typer-monkey that he’s been raving about…

    p.s. The mechanic revolution is coming…

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