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Courting Miguel…

Posted by Mike on January 5, 2006

What’s this? A Boston-based writer making some sense? Bravo, Tony Massarotti. (Even though you don’t seem to realize that there are a million things getting in the way of this deal before Manny’s greediness even becomes an issue.)


Apparently, Miguel Tejada has become Baltimore’s own version of Kim Cattrall. As if we need two. Anyways, according to the article below (keep scrolling), six teams are now actively persuing the disgruntled superstar— the Cubs, White Sox, Astros, Angels, Red Sox, and Tigers.

Below, I’ll list who I think the O’s should at least inquire about from each team followed by who I am guessing they are inquiring about on each team. You tell me what list you like better. Remember, I’m not suggesting these are the actual trades, I’m just listing some of the potential building blocks.

Cubs (Me)Jerome Williams, Rich Hill, Felix Pie…. actually, the Cubs don’t have enough without including Prior or Zambrano, so I’ll give the O’s credit for recognizing that.

Cubs (O’s)Prior, Zambrano

White Sox (Me)Ryan Sweeney, Brandon McCarthy, Francisco Hernandez

White Sox (O’s)Jose Contreras, Juan Uribe

Astros (Me)Roy Oswalt, Chris Burke

Astros (O’s)– Who knows?… because the ‘Stros aren’t giving up Oswalt and they have very few good young players/prospects. I guess Adam Everett‘s name would come up. Interestingly, I’ve heard multiple reports that Brad Lidge is being shopped, but he wouldn’t be a piece of a Tejada trade.

Angels (Me)Brandon Wood, Casey Kotchman, Howie Kendrick, Erick Aybar, Ervin Santana, Dallas McPherson

Angels (O’s)- (Orlando Cabrera, Darin Erstad)

Tigers (Me)Justin Verlander, Curtis Granderson, Tony Giarratano, Joel Zumaya, Chris Shelton, and of course Carlos Guillen

Tigers (O’s)-Who knows? The cynic in me would point out that they have too many washed-up thirty-somethings on their roster for the Orioles to escape unscathed.

Red Sox– I’m going to give the front office a pass on this one. By all accounts, they’ve inquired about Andy Marte, Jon Papelbon, and Jon Lester only to be consistently rebuffed with Manny Ramirez and Matt Clement offers.


Wrapping this post up, it finally became offical that the O’s have inked Jeff Conine to a one-year deal for $1.7 million. There is a mutual option for $2 million for 2007. Conine can be a useful player for 2006. He should move around and get a few AB’s in LF, 1B, and DH. While Conine the Barbarian is not likely to give you much pop, he can still get on base 35% of the time if things are going well for him.

The main reason I am alright with the O’s signing yet another 39 year old with little defensive value and dwindling offensive skills is that he is one of the few guy’s out there worthy of being called a clubhouse guy. Jay Gibbons and Brian Roberts have both been candid about Conine’s role in helping them adjust to the big leagues, on and off the field. If he can help keep these young guys happy and motivated, then any production the O’s get out of him is gravy.


6 Responses to “Courting Miguel…”

  1. Anonymous said

    whats the deal with Ryan sweeney? his stats dont look like much to me.

  2. Mike said

    You have to remember two things:
    1) Power is often the last thing a prospect develops
    2) Sweeney was young for AA last year

    I understand the reservations about a guy who slugged .371 last year, but he reportedly has that “sweet swing” lefties are famous for. I’d give him another year or two to start turning his tools into production before giving up on this one.

  3. Anonymous said

    I disagree with the O’s signing Conine, lets just say “he swings with his feet”

  4. Mike said

    Think of it as $2 million of insurance against the clubhouse being as bad as it was last year.

    If he makes Gibbons/Roberts/(insert young talent) even a little bit happier and more inclined to re-up with the O’s when the time comes, then themoney was well-spent.

  5. Anonymous said

    This is ridiculous the Orioles wanted Prior and Pie from the Cubs but they will take Jose Conteras and Juan URibe from the Sox? Seems a bit backwards to me.

  6. Mike said

    Agreed. The White Sox offer scares me on two fronts:

    1) It sucks.
    2) The O’s like it.

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