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Miguel Tejada is a Dick

Posted by Mike on December 30, 2005


Once again, Miguel Tejada has taken it upon himself to declare that the Orioles exist only for his satisfaction.

“Now, I am more upset than when I requested the trade because it’s been a month and they haven’t done anything,” he told the AP before a winter league game.

That’s it Miguel, bitch because Pavano and Konerko decided they wanted to win more than get every last dollar out of Peter Angelos when it was their turn at free agency. After all, I’m sure it was the promise you saw in the 2003 Orioles that made you sign here. It had nothing to do with the $72 million that no one else was offering you at the time.

Don’t get me wrong; I think Miguel Tejada’s criticisms are generally fair. Despite the fact that he doesn’t seem to realize that we are more than an ‘ace pitcher’ away from contention, he rightly suspects that the O’s front office is making less than optimal moves this off-season. It’s just tough for me to feel sorry for a guy that willingly agreed to accept $12 million a year to play for a team coming off of a 71 win season.

And am I taking crazy pills or is anyone else realizing that Miguel Tejada is single-handedly destroying any remaining hope that free agents might want to come to Baltimore in the future? So, his whole “I might actually be doing them some good” rationale has about as much credibility as a Skip Bayless NFL Draft Day analysis. It is quite possible that Tejada is adversely affecting Baltimore baseball for seasons to come. I’m sure his teammates appreciate that.

Manny Ramirez’s trade demands were a key factor in Johnny Damon going over to the (other) dark side. That’s coming from a guy departing from a team that has been consistently good for years. Imagine what Baltimore’s own superstar’s cry-baby escapades might mean to a franchise already on the brink.


8 Responses to “Miguel Tejada is a Dick”

  1. Anonymous said

    Terrific column and yes you are taking crazy pills

  2. Anonymous said

    Any column that takes a shot at Skip Clueless can’t be half bad.

  3. Nathan Bent said

    One of the best posts I;ve seen in a while. I never really noticed how he was muffing both his desires by expressing them

  4. tank222 said

    Nice blog, saw it on Orioles Hangout and decided to check it out. Keep it up, I’ll continue to read it. I agree with your article and hope we can make good out of the situation.

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